College Grad

     Congratulations, you are officially a College graduate!
All those late night studies, crazy Mid- Terms and never-ending Finals have finally paid off.  We would like to help you make the transition from college to a career as easy as possible.  We want to suggest to you something that will get you to your new career on time…a new car.

     Whether you have little credit or no credit at all we can help you! There are so many programs out there for the college grad that helps establish one of the most important things for your future, your credit. There are many banks, special programs from GMAC and special incentives that will help you get into a car of your dreams while keeping your payments low and affordable.

     Wondering on how to get started? Well it’s as easy as going to our homepage and clicking on Credit Application or you can come down and visit our showroom and our Director of Finance will be happy to help.

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